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Cotton Percale

Cool and crisp. Durable. Gets
softer over time. Breathable
and suitable for all seasons

How it feels:

Soft and smooth

How it Looks:

Lightly structured and crisp like a
button-down shirt

Garment-Washed Cotton

Pre-washed for softness in skin friendly breathable sateen.

How it feels:
Like a second skin. Buttery, cool in
the summer, warm in the winter.

How it looks:
Relaxed and laid-back with a liquid

Jersey Knit Cotton

Lightweight, super soft combed cotton with unmatched breathability, suitable for all seasons

How it feels:
Like a well-loved T-shirt from your
past; warm & cozy with a little give

How it looks:
Casually lived-in, with
a soft sheen and relaxed drape