Garment Washed Cotton

Pre-washed for softness in breathable sateen.

How it feels:
Like a second skin. Buttery, cool in
the summer, warm in the winter.

How it looks:
Relaxed and laid-back


Lightweight, super soft combed
cotton with unmatched
breathability, suitable for all

How it feels:
Like a well-loved T-shirt from your
past; warm & cozy with a little give

How it looks:
Casually lived-in with
a soft sheen

Cotton Percale

Cool and crisp. Durable. Gets
softer over time. Breathable
and suitable for all seasons

How it Feels:

Clean and crisp

How it Looks:

Lightly structured like a
tailored shirt

Mulberry Silk

Luxurious 22 momme mulberry silk keeping your skin looking radiant

How it feels:

Lavish and smooth to the touch

How it Looks:

A liquid drape with a slight shimmer

Cotton Linen Blend

Casual and comfortable elegance with rich texture that gets softer with time

How it feels:

Cozy yet airy

How it Looks:

Delightfully slubby with a rustic touch

Cotton Bamboo Blend

Cool and breathable for hot sleepers. Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

How it feels:

Smooth and supple that gets softer with every wash

How it Looks:

A soft sheen and a great drape

Organic Cotton

Ethically grown and harvested

How it feels:

Soft and smooth

How it Looks:

Comfortable with a welcoming sheen

Cotton PET Blend

Super soft and breathable cotton and PET made from two and a half recycled water bottles

How it feels:

Surprisingly like a cotton but with the reassurance of sustainability in mind

How it Looks:

Neat and tidy