Most people take pillowcases for granted, not us. Every pillowcase is special because after all, your head spends a third of its life here. It’s our passion for perfection sewn into every pillowcase to help you sleep better, dream bigger and accomplish great things, even when you’re not in bed.  

We believe that better pillowcases make life better. Not only do our pillowcases look good, but they feel great, too. Luxurious specialty fabrics–mulberry silk, organic cotton, linen, jersey, cotton and recycled bottle–allow you to achieve maximum REM sleep. From global sourcing to textiles and design, our team of industry experts oversees the entire creative process to ensure every pillowcase and product we offer earns our stamp of approval. Comfort, performance and style are our core values to bring you a perfect night’s sleep. 

When it comes to shopping for pillowcases, we couldn’t help but notice that aside from buying them in a set of sheets, there aren’t many options out there. That’s why we wanted to create a designated place for you to buy high-quality pillowcases in various fabrics at feel-good prices. Pillowcases tend to get dirty quickly after sleeping on them multiple nights in a row. By shopping with us, you can stock up on multiple pillowcases so you’ll have plenty to swap out and keep your bed clean and comfortable.  

Every pillowcase we offer is Shuteye certified, which means we have tested, washed, and approved so you can rest assured that our pillowcases will make all your dreams come true.  

At Shuteye Supply, we’re passionate about giving back and making a difference. For every purchase of our kidzzz prints, we will be donating pillowcases to a charity that is close to our heart.  

Ready for the best shuteye of your life? Start shopping!